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For each question, really think about YOUR business. Then choose the ONE answer that best fits what a BOLD, inspiring brand would be like for you, when you’re THRIVING and at your very best.


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Which ONE of these characteristics below are you the MOST proud to have in your DNA?
Which of these homes could you see your brand living in? You know - if it were a person.
What's your poison?  The THING that often has you play small, give up or hold back.
What mode of transportation would your brand most likely take to "get to work"?
What do you crave MORE of? Not because it's lacking, but because you can never get enough.
Which of these "office" environments best represents your business:
How do you like to FEEL when working on your business and while working with clients?
Which of the people would you most like to channel as you run your business?
How do you most want your clients and customers to FEEL when working with you?
If you had to pick just one of these color schemes for your business, which one would you pick?
My #1 business goal is to:
If you could just pick ONE - which of these moodboards would totally inspire you in your business?
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Which of these best sums up why you created your business?