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If you need a new website, clarity about the VISION and PRESENCE of your business - the big picture and the day to day ways that you show up to serve.

If creating visual assets and compelling web copy gets you jammed up, if you are wanting a brand new online home, or you want to create something new from what you already have...

AND if you are a DIYer - either because you like having the ability to do this stuff on your own, or for budget reasons - a DIY approach might be what you want and need. Then this program might really support you.

Many years ago, I created my signature course, The Brand Clarity Workshop. Hundreds of people have taken this course with rave reviews about how helpful it was to get sorted about their messaging, vibe and visual story.

The thing is that much of the focus in that old course is built on ideas that I am committed to retiring or transforming. I am so OVER what has happened to this industry that I’m a part of. I think we’ve taken some left turns trying too hard to stick to “tried and true” methods. There has become a formula for what branding is and I don’t want this course of mine to be that.

You can’t formula your way to creating a business that makes you come ALIVE.

The work I do with clients is so much deeper than the over used concepts about branding.  And, because I now have new perspectives from all of the inner work and healing that I’ve been engaged in, I want to create something new.

It is time for me to retire that old course and to invent a new one that is 100% aligned with my values, commitments and that helps people shine brighter - in much better (**healthier**) ways.

If you need a new “brand” or website, and you’d like guidance and support to make sure you create something full of magic and soul, truth and wisdom, something that represents and communicates who you really are - I’d love for you to come be a part of this new beta course.

I do best creating LIVE with people, on the court. I like the accountability and real time feedback. What gets created in this first run of the newly imagined course will become the new heart of my work. And you, as I work out the kinks, you'll get full access to me, my wisdom, coaching, graphic design knowledge, my ability to teach tech stuff, and most importantly - you get to do it in a safe space that I curate specifically designed to lift up and support your business dreams.

Space will be super limited - we start in February 2022 and you will need to apply, which you can do below.

Because I will be developing and deepening some of the concepts and making sure I teach them in a clear way, this class will be very affordable, with a reasonable "pay what you can" sliding scale.

I am having you "apply" only because I want to make sure that the stage of your business and your current set of skills makes sense for what we will be doing in this class.

If you'd like more info, please start by filling out the info form below and I will contact you with more questions or next steps.

Filling out the form below is not an obligation from you to sign up, it is just to start a conversation about joining us. 🙂

Thank you for your interest!

Get started by filling out the form below:

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How much are you able to invest in a program that includes live zoom sessions, email support, how to videos, and would teach you all the basics for what you need to know to get your online home up and running?(payment plan options would be available)
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