If you have all of your materials ready and you're ready to book your build week, you can do that below.

You can also pre-book your week.  This can be a great way to give yourself a deadline and push yourself to GET IT DONE!

But, one caveat: If you pre-book your week and then find you won't be ready on time, there will be a $150 reschedule fee. This is also to help you stay accountable!  You have to remember that I'm reserving this week FOR YOU and not booking other clients so if you pre-book, make sure you get your stuff together on time. 🙂

To book your week:

Go through the calendar below and choose the week that is going to work best to build your website.

You will need to be available via email during business hours (pacific time) to give feedback, answer questions and provide information. I'd also like us to get on zoom at least once per day, which we'll schedule separately.

When you've picked your week, use the form to schedule with me.  Write the Monday of your week as the date.

Then, I will send you an invoice for $425 - your next payment installment. This payment is what locks in your week. 🙂