Are your brand fonts telling the right brand story?

Day 8 of the #30daybrandchallenge has us looking at our font choices and making sure that they are telling the right brand story.
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Every font has it’s own personality!

Some FONTS are more feminine, some are bold and strong, others are formal or more casual.


If you’re a lawyer, you wouldn’t want to use a very casual font, you’d want something more traditional.

Unless, of course, you happen to be a wild – in your face – kind of a lawyer who likes to make waves, then you might want something bolder!

There are great sites FULL of fonts that you can browse, download and use:

There are others, of course, but these are good for getting started.

As with the work we did yesterday, looking at your brand colors, you want to use this prompt to check in – really think about your brand’s mood and vibe and look at the fonts that you’ve been using – are they still doing their job to COMMUNICATE what you want your brand to be known for out in the world?

There are “font trends” for sure, and with that tons of great ideas out there. But just because you see a font everywhere or you like one in particular, it might not be the right font for your BRAND, which has a personality of it’s own and should have fonts that match and compliment it’s unique vibe.

Your challenge action prompt for day 9:

Make sure the font(s) you’re using for your brand are actually communicating the vibe and spirit that you want your brand to be expressing.

Either take some time to choose a new set of fonts, fine tune/edit the fonts that you’ve been using, or confirm that the choices you’ve made about this are still working perfectly and move on!

I highly recommend that you don’t go overboard with fonts! Your action today might be minimize the amount of fonts that you’ve been working with so that you have a small set that you can use with consistency as you build up your reputation.

A good rule (for the DIYer) is to pick a clean, basic font to use for things that have lots of words – like the body copy of your website. Then, find a great accent font that you can use for titles, image overlays, etc.

And stick with what you pick!

Don’t go mixing it up all the time – you want a strong brand presence that is CLEAR – too many cooks in the kitchen makes things confusing.

Simple is always better, especially if you’re CONSISTENT with using the same fonts everywhere you show up as your brand.

Some resources for helping you find great font pairings, if you want to learn more about this stuff:

The Brand Clarity Workshop – I walk your through my process for picking fonts and narrowing down the choices to the ones that are a definite YES!

Canva’s Design School
Article on Smashing Magazine that goes more in depth about typography
Creative Market Article

The big, giant world of fonts and typography is vast and there are people who spend their whole career studying and understanding the power of typography – so don’t make yourself crazy here!

The bottom line is always going to be COMMUNICATION – is your brand telling the story you want to tell in the simplest, clearest way?

If you use that as your guide, choosing and using fonts becomes MUCH easier. Narrowing down your choices gets a little less scary and you can move on to focusing on what you’re best at and what’s going to have YOUR business succeed.

Tomorrow I’m going to give you some tips and ideas for organizing all of your brand elements so that they are easy to use and access when you sit down to create stuff for your business.

Talk to you then,