Are Your Brand Colors Getting The Job Done?

Are your brand colors doing their job to help you stand out and get noticed? #30daybrandchallenge
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Colors really help to tell your brand story

Color communicates. It has an impact and can give people a sense of your brand immediately.

Think about it:

If your brand is bold and vibrant and all about living LOUD – you would want colors that had those same characteristics – Bright yellow, orange, hot pink, for example.

If your brand is more gentle, slower, has a calmer vibe – colors like a soft pink, beige, or a warm grey would be more effective.

Something that’s important to remember is that there are MANY color combination that could effectively communicate the heart and mood of your brand. So, you don’t have to worry about getting it perfect or finding “the one.” There are many different options available for you that will TOTALLY work.

It’s smart branding to really think about what colors you’re using for your brand. You may already have this nailed down, in which case.. carry on!

But, doing the work of the first part of this challenge, you may now have a deeper understanding of your brand and what you want it to express. So, taking a little time to rethink and make sure that you’re still on track is a good idea. 

When establishing your brand – for everything that you do – constancy is imperative!

So, even though there are a ton of different combinations that could work perfectly for your brand – you want to stick to a color palette that you can use over and over and over – in all of your brand communications. That will help your brand become recognizable and memorable.

Your challenge action prompt for day 8:

Make sure your brand colors are doing their job to communicate the heart and soul of your brand.

Either select your colors newly, revise the ones you’ve been using, or confirm and high five yourself that you’ve got this one taken care of.


Some resources for helping you do this: – I love this one because you can upload an image (like your mood board) and pull colors from it.

The Brand Clarity Workshop – In this class, I teach you some basics about color theory and how to choose and pick colors that will for sure get the job done.
Canva – Color Theory


Tomorrow we’ll look at another big piece of the branding puzzle: your fonts! 🙂

See you then,