A Branding “Formula” is NOT the Answer…

Instead.. how about we get to know ourselves and our work with more depth?

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Trying to fit into a “branding formula” only really scratches the surface of who you are and the unique space of your business.

I used to offer a brand quiz, it could be sort of helpful, but also confusing… because it didn’t take into account the nuance of us. . the complexity.  One brand archetype doesn’t tell the whole story about who you are and what you bring.

You are a unique set of ideals, ideas, imaginings, history and experience, likes and dislikes, your own set of needs and your own unique approach to things.

Branding as it’s come to be known is trying to put you in a box, explain yourselves away, instead of being on a journey to KNOW ourselves deeper. To understand our work more, to build trust – not only in our ability to deliver what we say we are about, but also how people experience us.  Being consistent about how we show up and meet people.

We change and grow, our business will change and grow.. I think it is much more useful to be on a journey of knowing your work deeper, understanding what you bring and your unique approach to things.

Discover, explore, and don’t get stuck in a box..

A formula can only take you so far – you have to keep digging to fully understand your own work, so you can talk about it with the depth and magic that comes only from YOU.

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