6 Branding Mistakes To Avoid As You Build And Create Your Business


Branding mistakes to avoid as you build and create your business.

Branding can be complicated. I know that you want to set a Fan-TAB-ulous tone that will help your business succeed and grow.

But, it is absolutely possible that your branding efforts will go off course – taking you into a land of confusion and unclarty. It happens, to all of us.

So… to help keep you on track, I’ve put together a list of 6 branding mistakes to avoid that should you steer clear of, will help you create the most amazing brand EVER!

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6 Branding Mistakes To Avoid

1. Thinking your brand is all about a logo and creating pretty visuals

Yes, your logo and the visuals of your brand – the fonts, colors, graphics and imagery – all of that for sure helps to communicate what your brand is all about. But, it’s not ALL about the visuals. The visuals are a tool, they are NOT your brand.

Your brand is made up of: your business vision, your brand’s purpose, who your dream clients are, what truly matters to THEM and your brand message – what you do and how you do it.

All of this is the heart and soul of your brand.

When you clearly know what your brand is all about, then and only then, would you want to go create your visuals.

This is so important – because your brand’s message and purpose is what’s truly going to have you get connected to your customers. It’s what will have them choose to work with you and it’s what will have them appreciate you and your business.

If all you did was focus on the heart and soul of your brand stuff – your business will be WAY more successful than if you only focus on the visuals.

Again, the visuals are not your brand – they are just a tool to communicate what your brand is all about.

2. Not being consistent

Once you do create the visual elements of your brand – you gotta stick with the plan, Stan!

Consistently using the same fonts, the same colors, the same types of graphics and images – that’s what will have people begin recognizing your brand when they see it around – you’ll become familiar to them and they will think, “hey that’s so and so.”

If your brand resonates with them, this kind of visual consistency will help you begin building a relationship with potential customers and it will have them start to feel like they KNOW you, which is part of good marketing. You want your customers to feel like they Know, Like and Trust both you and your business.

Is is so super duper tempting to try new stuff, find other fonts, change up your graphic strategy, etc. We are bombarded with visual ideas ALL.DAY.LONG.

Shiny object syndrome is real, people! Especially when trying to create a brand.

But, just because you see something totally gorgeous successfully being used by someone else, doesn’t mean you should try it for YOUR brand.

You’ve already created a visual story – you now want to keep telling that story. Over and over and over.

Yes, you might get sick of your own brand.

Yes, you’ll likely get tempted to change up your scenery.

Yes, you’ll decide that something might be better.

Yes, you’ll dream of improvements and modifications.

But, resist!  Resist I say!

Save that for when it’s time to rebrand. And keep telling the brand story you’ve already created. This will help your brand in so many ways, trust me, I know about these things.  *wink*

3. Too many brand elements

Kind of along the same lines as #2 above, don’t throw too many things into the mix of your brand.

  • 18 different colors?
  • 7 fonts?
  • some cool vintage inspired imagery with lots of bright color
  • and then, the next day – hippy-boho type of images with muted earth tomes
  • a week later, minimal whites and simple clean lines.

You don’t need all of that!!  It’s confusing and all over the place.

Again, stick to your brand plan. Keep your visual story and your brand message straight forward and crystal clear so that your DREAM clients can hear it and find their way to you.

4. Copying what others are doing vs. doing your own brilliant thang

I’ve already said it, but it’s so important that I’m going to say it again – and probably again and again!

Shiny object syndrome is real!

There are so many gorgeous brands out there and super smart people blowing it out of the water with what they’re creating.

We all deal with this far more than I think we admit – but, it’s very easy to get jealous of what others have (or appear to have) with their businesses.

We see what other brands are doing and we think, ooh, I want that – so pretty! (or so inspiring! or so creative! – whatever YOUR weakness happens to be).

And so we try to do what they are doing. But the problem is that no matter what – you aren’t going to do it as well as they are. You just won’t.


Because what has their branding be so dang effective is that they are doing THEIR thing and it’s shining through loud and clear. You can see it and feel and it and almost taste it (yum!) – which is why you got inspired by their brand in the first place – the message and visual story is extremely clear and perfectly on point.

Which is what YOU need to be doing. YOUR brand. YOUR business. YOUR ideas.

The clearer you get about what makes your business shine and the more purposeful you get about telling YOUR brand story with YOUR own brilliant visuals – the more you’ll create something that will do the same thing that you see others doing – creating a brand that inspires.

So, stop trying to be like everyone else.

Stop thinking that other people’s ideas are better.

And please!  Stop trying to copy another person’s brand and make it your own. You won’t succeed because that brand is not yours and it will never be yours!

It’s a much smarter strategy to create something that is true to YOU and inline with what YOUR business is all about. That’s what will have your brand be one of those that others would want to mimic.

5. Trying to please the whole dang world

Not everyone is going to like you or your brand. Not everyone is going to think that you are THE COOLEST! and want to work with you.

And, that’s okay.. because seriously – who has time to work with every.one? Right?

Your brand will get watered down if you try to have it be a good fit for every possible person that might interact with it. It will actually STOP being a brand. It will just be a boring whatever business.

And you are not boring or whatever!

You are you. And.. you are not for everyone.

So stop trying to be. Capisce?

6. Not thinking about your audience

Which brings me to this next one – the doozy of branding mistakes to avoid…

Whenever you’re working on your brand – writing content, creating products, designing a facebook cover image, creating an pinterest graphic, etc – you’ve GOT to make sure that you’re doing all of that FOR your ideal, most amazing, truly loved, 100% rockstar clients.

If you’re creating stuff WITHOUT thinking about your audience, then who are you creating for? Your Aunt Flo to give you a thumbs up on facebook?

Is she the one who’s paying the rent?

You want to make sure that your brand is created from thinking100%  about the people you feel the most inspired to work with.

What would they love to see?

What would love to hear?

What do they need that your business could seriously help them with?

All of your visuals, your message, your vision, your offerings should be in service of your dream customer. The ONE. Them. That one that you’re thinking about. The one that makes your life complete.

Don’t forget about them as you go about building your business and establishing your brand!

These 6 branding mistakes to avoid will help you stay the course – stick to your brand plan and create a business that gets remembered and adored. I promise. 🙂

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