What are your branding goals for the new year?

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Why care about branding?

Branding is so much more than a logo, or good font choices, or the colors you choose. Branding is all of that and it’s also the way you make your customers feel, the experience you create, the solutions you provide, how you help people, your customer service, how you inspire, and the impact your business has in the lives of your customers.

Branding is the collective, overall experience of doing business with you. It’s tangible and it’s not. It’s a vibe, a feeling, and it’s how well you deliver on the promise of your business. The more clear you are about your brand, the more effective you’ll be in your business and you’ll create something that’s truly valuable for your customers.

So yeah, branding matters. And the pretty stuff – the look and feel of your brand? That stuff matters too. It helps to tell the story, get people’s attention and establishes your business as credible and awesome.

In this challenge, we’re going to for sure address the visual aspects of your brand, but first we’re going to look at the deeper stuff – the heart and soul behind your brand.

Today’s challenge is to get clear about your 2016 branding goals. What do you want your brand to become in this coming year?

I created a worksheet for you to write out your branding goals and what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days – you can access it by joining the FREE 30 day challenge.

It’s good to take the time to write out your goals AND keep them in front of you as you keep moving forward with the challenge. I think we far too often just plow ahead without a clear guide map of where we’re headed.

The questions above should give you a sense of purpose about what you want to accomplish with this challenge. Don’t worry if you feel a little confused or overwhelmed about your branding right now… small, baby steps towards clarity and brand presence are what we’re here to make happen!  Okey, dokey?

And that’s it for Day #1!  Tomorrow, we’ll keep looking at this heart and soul of your brand stuff, which is really THE most important thing to explore if you’re going to create a BOLD, memorable brand!

I’ll see you tomorrow,
xo, Lisa