How To Make Sure Instagram Is Really Showcasing Your Brand

How to make sure your instagram in on brand
Time to give your Instagram a refresh!

I’ve spent the past 2 days talking about Instagram – coming up with a clear game plan and taking better photos to use on Instagram or elsewhere.

Today, the brand challenge prompt is to actually go in and update/spruce up your Insta account so that it feels more consistent with your brand story.

If you’ve been using Instagram for awhile, but have been kind of all over the place with it – or using it more personally – this could take a little courage.

Change can be scary. 🙂

At least for me it was. I’ve been working over the past few days to change up my Instagram approach a bit – which I share down below.

What YOU end up doing to spruce things up is going to depend on a whole lot of individual factors – so steal things that I’ve done that make sense for you and your brand. Look to see what else you might do to update YOUR insta page that might be different than how I’ve gone about it.

Basically – get inspired by what I’m doing, but trust yourself to do your own thing, okey dokey? 🙂

There are 3 basic steps I’m going to guide you through that will give your Instagram page a facelift:

Before you begin, don’t forget revisit all of the brand clarity worksheets from this challenge AND your Instagram Worksheet from a few days ago. Make sure you are “in the zone” of what you’re wanting to create before you dive in.

Here we go…

1. Update your main profile photo to the one you’ve been using on your Facebook, twitter, etc. Use one that is current and/or that fits well with the story of your brand.

2. Update your profile and the link you want to promote – it doesn’t have to be to you main home page. You could send them to a sign up for your newsletter, to a custom landing page just for your instagram followers, your Facebook biz page, the sales page for your next program, etc.

For the actual profile – you have a limited number of characters – use them wisely! Make sure you’re speaking TO your ideal customer and giving them a little peek into your world. Use the tone of your brand’s voice and vibe to tell your brand story.

3.  Clean up old images that aren’t on brand. And by clean up, I mean delete them. So, yeah, this is the scary part!

All those likes! All the comments. Yikes, right? But do it. Your brand will thank you for it.

You don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning – but enough that if someone did scroll down through your stuff they could see that you now mean business and that your instagram page is FOR your business and your BRAND and you’re here to communicate something that is intentional, purposeful and well thought out. 

Go explore some of the example pages that I shared a couple of days ago to see people that do this brilliantly.

Now, after you clean up your content, you might find that you don’t have much on your page. If that’s the case – then it’s time to get busy creating great images to showcase the amazingness of your brand, right?

Now, one way around this – to avoid deleting a bunch of cherished photos – is to create a brand new account for your business and start building up your brand from scratch. A totally viable option and one I see many people do.

But, what if you already have a good number of followers and the idea of starting over doesn’t excite you? Then the delete method is what I’d recommend. You don’t have to delete every single thing – just the stuff that for sure doesn’t fit in with the tone and vibe of your brand.

If you’re doing an amazing job of mixing your business and personal already – if things feel very on brand – then you probably don’t need to do today’s prompt anyway! You should just keep rockin’ it. 🙂

Here’s what I did recently to make the switch to PURPOSEFULLY updating my instagram to use as a tool to promote my business and my brand…

I was feeling like some of my personal photos didn’t really work well for my brand and they weren’t helping to create a strong brand story.

BUT, I didn’t want to just delete them all and scrap the personal connections that I’ve made. I also didn’t want to start a brand new instagram account for my biz because I’ve been working hard to build up my BUSINESS followers.

So, what to do? Truthfully I just thought about this a lot with frustration for awhile..  🙂  But then I started this challenge and decided to use it as a motivator to make a change.

What I decided to do was create a brand new PERSONAL account and convert my current one to become a business showcase.

The first thing I decided to do was change the handle – it was my name @lisawork, but I wanted that to be my brand new personal account handle. So I changed the old account handle to @lisaworkdesign so I could use @lisawork for the new account.

Does that make sense? Once @lisawork was no longer in use, I quickly went in and reclaimed it for my new account. So instead of creating a NEW account called @lisaworkdesign, I just changed the name and kept all of my followers and connections.

Then, I freshened up my profile and my main photo keeping in mind my brand story and my ideal customer.

Then, I went in and any fairly recent photo that I would rather see on my personal account, I uploaded it to that new instagram page. I didn’t do all of them – some I realized that I didn’t even totally love and I want the new personal page to be just as well thought out and curated as my business page.

But, things like a photography series of my Granny’s old house that I still have lots of images to share – I moved all of those. I didn’t move a ton – just enough to give people a sense of what my new personal page is going to be about.

As I moved things over – I deleted those same images from the older account – my transformed BUSINESS page.

Once I did that – there were still quite a few images that just didn’t fit into either space really, so I just deleted those.

Ahhhh. fresh clean space.

I did keep a few snaps of my kids and life stuff on the biz page – if they felt like they are part of my brand story and match the visual tone I’m working to convey.

Older images that are further down the scroll – I just kept in the old account. There’s no way I’m going to spend hours moving those over – I have better things to do! They will just keep getting buried deeper and deeper into the past, so they will be a non-isssue before too long.

I also started following people from the BUSINESS account on my PERSONAL account that I want to make sure know about the new page and that I want to keep connecting with on a personal level.

One added bonus is that a lot of the business people I follow, I can now follow on my biz page and I can keep my personal account to straight up pretty pictures that I connect with on personal level and that have nothing to do with business.

Also, I figure that anyone who was following be before, but who has no interest in my biz adventures can just unfollow me and join me over on the new personal page if they want to stay connected. I including a link to the new page in my profile.

Phew! Did you follow along with all of that?

Yes, this did take some time and yes it was a pain and yes I’m not in love with the extra step of logging in and out of each account.

But, I’m super looking forward to having a nicely curated, on brand, intentional space that I can very freely share what I’m up to with my business.

And, like I said before – my brand will thank me for it.

Where do we go from here?

Once you’ve update and cleaned up your Instagram to reflect your BRAND – you can just keep creating and posting and sharing and providing value to people through your brand message and commitment to help your people.

A little bonus tip for managing your Instagram:  Pre-schedule your content using a program like latergram or hootsuite. These are great tools to keep a steady stream of content flowing onto your page and to be even more thoughtful and intentional about what you’re sharing on Instagram.

But first, you gotta do the work to clean up your page – so get to it! That’s your challenge prompt for today.  🙂