Smart Business Strategies

Grow your personal brand to grow your BUSINESS!

Raise your hand if GROWING your business is important to you… Your hand should be way high up and waving loudly!  (don’t be shy) Well, let’s look at one of the BEST ways for you to seriously grow your business. What is this magical unicorn? > Growing your personal brand Before we get into it,…

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How To Prep Your New Website

Creating a new website is a big undertaking. Believe me, I know! I myself can spend FOREVER bringing my own work to light and when I work with clients, it’s not uncommon for them to get challenged by what it takes to gather up all of the information, content, writing, and images. Projects that they think…

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Why I think you ABSOLUTELY should put your rates on your website!

Why I think you should put your prices on your website

  Should you put your rates on your website? Absolutely!  Don’t make people work to figure out if they can afford you!! There’s nothing more frustrating to a potential client than to be on someone’s website and think – “Yes! I love this person, I would so love to work with them.” And then they…

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Focusing on these 3 things will help you grow your business

3 things you can do to grow your business

I know that you want to grow your business… But, what’s it going to take? Here are 3 areas that if you start paying attention to them – you should start to see some real growth in your business: 1. Clarity. It’s easy to get obsessed with clarity, which can stop you from getting into…

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Instagram is a great way to tell your brand story

Branding Your Instagram Guess what? I’m not going to talk about how to use instagram to market and promote your business, or how to gain followers or how to turn those people into paying customers. Bummer, right? I know..  But, there are awesome people out there who are true insta expers (like Hilary Rushford, who has a…

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Do you have a map for your brand?

This is challenge #10 of the 30 Day Brand Challenge. Be sure to sign up for the challenge to get access to worksheets, videos and other bonus material + get the daily prompts sent straight to your inbox. ★ Today’s prompt is super quick and easy! You’re going to need your brand elements pretty much every…

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How CLARITY can help your business AND your life

What is the most important ingredient to help you accomplish your goals? I know that you have goals in your business and in your life – and sometimes (not very often, though, right?) you may find yourself having a hard time reaching those goals and staying focused. Like, you know that you want to reach…

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