Grow your personal brand to grow your BUSINESS!

Raise your hand if GROWING your business is important to you… Your hand should be way high up and waving loudly!  (don’t be shy) Well, let’s look at one of the BEST ways for you to seriously grow your business. What is this magical unicorn? > Growing your personal brand Before we get into it,…

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Why I think brand clarity so dang important!

Why I think brand clarity is so dang important!

If you want to have your business stand out, you want to book more clients, get noticed, and attract more people into your circle… then branding is something you for sure should be thinking about. Maybe not ALL the time, but often. And when I talk about branding, I don’t mean your logo, or what…

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What do you BELIEVE? And how this can help with your brand

What do you believe? How this helps with your brand!

What I believe when it comes to business and doing work that we love   I believe in alignment. Being clear about who I am, what I stand for and making sure that the work I do is aligned with who I am, deep in my core. I believe in encouragement. Lifting people up to be brighter,…

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What should be on your homepage?

What should be on the homepage of your website?

There are many, many options of what you can put on your homepage. Because of that, it’s probably the most complicated page that you’re going to create for your website. So, how do you go about planning and creating a homepage that will help your business GROW? Well, first off – you’ll want to get clear…

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How To Add a Burst of Brightness To Your Brand

Sometimes you might find your brand… lacking. You know how it is when things lose their sparkle and start to feel boring and just, meh? That doesn’t mean you have to dig in and do a complete overhaul/rebrand. In fact, that feeling of sparkle loss could just be because YOU are used to things and…

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How To Prep Your New Website

Creating a new website is a big undertaking. Believe me, I know! I myself can spend FOREVER bringing my own work to light and when I work with clients, it’s not uncommon for them to get challenged by what it takes to gather up all of the information, content, writing, and images. Projects that they think…

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My step by step DIY Website Guide

While I looooooove working with clients one-on-one to create amazing online spaces.. I DO think there’s a ton of good reason for branding and building your website yourself – DIY style! That’s why I created this DIY website guide – to walk you through my process of creating your very own website. First off.. why…

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Are you a Mystical Insight Brand?

If you haven’t had a chance yet to take the Brand Quiz..  be sure you do! The quiz asks you about a dozen questions, digging in to the HEART of your brand. You’ll then get free access to your own Brand Starter Kit. The Starter Kit gives you color and font ideas, moodboards to inspire,…

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